About Me

My name is Paul Scot August and I am a poet and software developer. I have a B.B.A. in Management Information Systems and an M.A. in English and Creative Writing, both from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I have also attended post-graduate writing seminars and workshops at Sarah Lawrence College, West Virginia University and The University of Michigan (Bear River). I am a past poetry editor of The Cream City Review, and was a columnist for several years at North Western Lines Magazine, a Railroad Historical Society publication.

I have been nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize and once for a Sundress Publications Best of the Net for my poems.

My poems have appeared in Los Angeles Review, Connotations Press: An Online Artifact, Midwestern Gothic, Hobble Creek Review, Country Dog Review, Sugar House Review, Naugatuck River Review, Dunes Review, Zuzu’s Petals Quarterly, The Cream City Review, Passages North, Scribble Magazine, Poetry Quarterly and elsewhere. I currently live in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin with my two kids.

11 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi PSA, Fancy meeting you here! I’m tickled to learn there’s another poetry lover and published poet in my neck of the woods here in Wauwatosa. I’d be happy to read some of your work–I’ll check it out. Anyway, glad to “meet” you!

    😉 amylia

  2. paulscotaugust Says:

    Hey Amylia! Glad you found me here!

  3. Cynthia Says:

    Hi Paul ! : )

  4. Davita Joie Says:

    Hello, handsome! I’ll have to come by your blog more often! Nicely done, sir.

  5. Mr. August — I’m working on arranging a poetry reading for April 28 featuring a couple of local Milwaukee poets and wonder if you might contact me? I’ve left my email and website below.
    Best regards,
    Amy Cooper Cary
    Head of Special Collections and University Archives
    Raynor Memorial Libraries, Marquette University

  6. Mark Jackley Says:

    Hi Paul,

    I saw your link on Heron Tree this morning and really loved the three poems at Connotation Press. If you’re interested, I’d love to send you a free copy of my new chapbook, Appalachian Night. If you’d like one, just shoot me snail mail address and I’ll forward.

    It was nice to meet your poems,


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