Middle Coast Poets – A Reading Series

Robert Vaughan and I got together for coffee a few weeks back and over the course of getting caffeinated and catching up on each other’s current writing projects, we lamented the fact that there really wasn’t any national poetry month events going on in Milwaukee this year. We joked that we should create one, and then it wasn’t a joke, and the planning began, and the planning for a one-off NaPoMo reading turned into an idea for a quarterly reading series. And so the Middle Coast Poets Reading Series was born! You can find us on Facebook here. We will have poets from Milwaukee and the surrounding states, and touring poets read each quarter, and we will alternate between the Riverwest and Bay View neighborhoods.

And our inaugural reading will take place on Monday, April 29th, at the Riverwest Public House at 815 east Locust Street in Milwaukee. The reading will begin at 7pm and go to about 9pm. The house serves alcohol, and books will be available from several of the poets.

The poets will be reading a favorite poem by someone else, followed by a few of their own, and are as follows:

Nikki Wallschlaeger
Matt Specht
Sharon Foley
Kari Freitag
Dawn Tefft
Paul Scot August
Ed Makowski
Andrea Potos
David Tomaloff
Brittany Cavallaro
Robert Vaughan

Please join us at our inaugural reading and support poetry in Milwaukee!


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