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Interview in The Chetek Alert

Posted in My Poems on October 27, 2012 by paulscotaugust

Back in August, I did an email interview with a reporter from The Chetek Alert, the small-town newspaper from Chetek, WI., where my parents live. Their online version is a subscription only, so now that I finally have a scan of the front-page article, I can link to it here. They also reprinted one of my poems on the second page that originally appeared in Dunes Review.

I did not tell my parents about the interview so they would be surprised. When they stopped at the IGA to pick up milk and bread and the weekly paper, there I was on the front cover. (I think my dad’s reaction when my mom told him I was on the front page was probably “What did he do now?”)

Read Page 1 here.

Read Page 2 here.


Three New Poems in South Dakota Review issue 50:1

Posted in My Poems on October 6, 2012 by paulscotaugust

Three new poems of mine appear in the new issue of South Dakota Review.

Again, Burnham’s Island
Elegy with Great Black Wings
Arriving Home After the Second Opinion

Information about South Dakota Review can be found here.