Bending Light Into Verse – Review

It’s pretty cool to come home and find out that I’m mentioned on a blog for Jennifer Tomaloff’s Bending Light Into Verse III.

Paul Scot August’s ‘Anguish & Wolfenbarger’ is a sad story. Insanely detailed, down to the very ‘standing spot’ and bus line, it describes longing.

You can read the rest of the review here.


One Response to “Bending Light Into Verse – Review”

  1. Hey Paul – loved your readings last night. I was so surprised to hear you include the trees picking up their roots. Here’s the poem I mentioned to you last night.

    A New (old) World

    Trees are talking
    amongst themselves
    in their secret Barksap language.

    They have received messages
    via tree-mail from
    their cousins, aunts and uncles
    across the globe.

    The time has arrived –
    on April 1st, 2012
    they will all lift their
    roots from the ground
    and stampede.
    They’ve had enough!

    We clueless humans
    who think we know it all
    as we disrespect nature everyday
    foolishly thinking we’re 
    superior to all other species
    are in for a big shock.

    Nothing is safe from
    the tsunami of trees
    lumbering together in
    search of the world
    they had before humans
    took control of the planet
    and began the destruction.

    And once the global woods have
    completed their journey
    crushing the unnatural 
    world in their wake,
    eradicating the souls who were
    listening to the wrong rhythms,
    they will return to their new (old) world 
    and begin again.

    This time wiser, more cautious,
    more protective of alien beings
    who might once more start up a
    colony not seeing or hearing truth.

    Hope to hear you again soon!


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