How to Influence Your Dreams

How to Influence Your Dreams

Before bed, take a shower with the same brand
of shampoo she used, the same fruit-smelling
soap. Put on the t-shirt she stole from your drawer
and used to sleep in, then left behind when she moved
away. Go to your closet and find the blue shoebox
on the upper shelf, take it down. Put on the CD
of songs she gave you. Sit on the edge of your bed,
the box on your lap. Wait until the third song ends.
Now, reach down and open the lid. Grab a random
letter, note or card. Read it over several times until
the words begin to sing to you, and you can hear
her voice again. Take out the envelope of photos,
try to recall every detail of every situation pictured
in them. Now, when you are almost back there, stop.
Put the photos and letters back in the box. Replace
the lid carefully and put it back on the shelf. Close
the closet door. Turn off the music. Set the alarm
clock. Turn off the light, and crawl into bed. Pray.

Paul Scot August

(Originally published in Connotation Press: An Online Artifact – Issue V, Vol III, January 2012)


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