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A short Interview and Three New Poems are up on Connotation Press!

Posted in My Poems on September 16, 2011 by paulscotaugust

Three new poems: Almost Blue, How to Influence Your Dreams, and On Water Heavy Nights can be found, along with a short interview with me by Nicelle Davis, on Connotation Press: An Online Artifact.

Connotation’s Editor Ken Robidoux writes: Paul Scot August is in our Poetry column this month with three new poems and a great interview conducted by Associate Poetry editor Nicelle Davis. This set of Paul’s poems are characterized by some catch and release rhythms that are grounding while the narrative rips through existential reflections. Great combination. Thanks Paul and Nicelle! Connotation Press: Almost Blue

Poetry Editor Kaitlin Hillenbrand writes that I bring to the column three water-, memory-, and dream- filled poems that made my heart hurt but filled me with music and the sound of the ocean. I’ve scratched sad music into the sand, watched waves at night, and joyfully inspected and rearranged driftwood and other little treasures the ocean deposited on the sand, and Mr. August’s poems brought me right back to these times as he, in delicate detail, related memories by both dredging them up and attempting to momentarily drown them.

And be sure to check out the rest of the poets published there!

Big thanks to Nicelle Davis and Kaitlin Hillenbrand.