Omaha Railroad Depot, Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Omaha Railroad Depot, Rice Lake, Wisconsin

It’s not a cathedral,
no arches or spires
reach up. Just soot-
red brick and grayed wood.
The platform rots in the sun.
The baggage cart, empty.
Rabbits chew dry grasses
from between the rails.
The grain elevator slouches
along the stub-ended siding,
casts a long gray shadow
over a rusting hopper car.
Across the street, the neon sign
of Shirley’s Big ‘O’ beckons
to the ghosts of railroad men
with cold bottles of Grain Belt.
Behind the bar, she wipes
away a single wet circle.

Paul Scot August

Hear me read it on WUWM…

Published in Dunes Review, Summer 2010, Volume 15 Issue 1


2 Responses to “Omaha Railroad Depot, Rice Lake, Wisconsin”

  1. Oh sweet. Sweet, sweet ending.

  2. Nice.

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