Kim Addonizio – The Divorcee and Gin

I found Kim Addonizio from her craft book, The Poet’s Companion(1997), which she co-authored with Dorianne Laux. As is my habit, I bought her latest book at the time, What is This Thing Called Love(2004), and then found a copy of Tell Me(2000). She also came out with a new book of craft called Ordinary Genius(2009). Her newest book is Lucifer at the Startlight(2009) and was just published. Many of her poems drip with passion, desire, pain, music, sex and booze. Always wrapped is strong technique. This poem from Tell Me is classic Kim, from the topic, to the craft, to the gut-punch ending.

The Divorcee and Gin

I love the frosted pints you come in,
and the tall bottles with their uniformed men;
the bars where you’re poured chilled
into shallow glasses, the taste of drowned olives,
and the scrawled benches where I see you
passed impatiently from one mouth
to another, the bag twisted tight around
your neck, the hand that holds you
shaking a little from its need
which is the true source of desire, God, I love
what you do to me at night when we’re alone,
how you wait for me to take you into me
until I’m so confused with you I can’t
stand up anymore. I know you want me
helpless, each cell whimpering, and I give
you that, letting you have me just the way
you like it. And when you’re finished
you turn your face to the wall while I curl
around you again, and enter another morning
with aspirin and the useless ache
that comes from loving, too well,
those who, under the guise of pleasure,
destroy everything they touch.

Kim Addonizio

As an aside, she also blows a mean harmonica!


7 Responses to “Kim Addonizio – The Divorcee and Gin”

  1. PJ DeGenaro aka Chorophyll Says:

    Holy Addonizio! How’d I miss this one? If I was gay, I’d totally ask her out. 😉

  2. Alison (blueraven95) Says:


  3. I met Kim in 1996. She’s just the way she writes. Exposed, bawdy, totally honest.

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