Poetry Saved My Life!

Well, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. Then again, maybe not. But a few years back, at a time when I could see no beauty in the world and things were getting pretty dark and ugly, I realized that poetry was the one constant beauty in my life.

I don’t really have a specific goal for this blog, so I am just going to post poetry-related stuff as it comes to me.

I used to post a daily poem thread on another web forum, but it was run by tight-ass puritanical idiots. I stopped posting there when a poem I posted by Stephen Dobyns (The Requisite Grin) was characterized as advocating rape and was subsequently deleted as being obscene. I had a small group of avid readers who I hope will find me here.

Hopefully you’ll find something useful to you, or just entertaining. Maybe something will make you go hmmm. And maybe something will lead you to read deeper into a poet’s body of work.

Please feel free to comment, start some discussion, or just say hello and let me know you’re out there reading…

Poetry Reading in NY


30 Responses to “Poetry Saved My Life!”

  1. Excellent. I look forward to reading more!

  2. I heart you.

  3. Robin Black Says:

    I remember that Dobyns poem you posted. Those who were unable to read it as the author intended have an intellect as approximately deep as a sheet of tissue paper.

    Glad you’ve started a blog–I’ll be a regular reader!

  4. aTerriblemuriel Says:

    I’m looking forward to your updates and may be bothering you about poems now and then.

    I have questions.

  5. KICKASS!!!! I will be following this blog like a mofo, mi amigo. Congratulations!

  6. PJ DeGenaro aka Chorophyll Says:

    Well I found you, and I’m bookmarking you. 🙂

  7. Looking forward to this

  8. Alison (blueraven95) Says:

    I’m here and reading :hi:

  9. I’ll bring the fresh bread and tarte, you bring the words.

  10. Bravo Paul! I look forward to reading your poetry blog. Hopefully someday you can do a radio program dedicated to poetry…you so have the voice for it.

  11. Bookmarked.

    Congratulations, Paul. I’m looking forward to your selections and commentary. 🙂

  12. It is obscene… that those morons censored it for ridiculous reasons. :\

  13. Elizabeth Says:


  14. Jeff the Canuck Says:

    Hi sir Paul 🙂

    Great blog and I like the new theme.Keep up
    the good work. (I still don’t understand how
    someone could see rape in that poem btw)

  15. paulscotaugust Says:

    Hi Jeff! Thanks for dropping by!

  16. Just wanted you to know that I’m out here, and that I’m reading. 🙂

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